Monday, October 8, 2012

West Indies Win Gangnam Style

By the time the T20 final between West Indies and Sri Lanka ended and the mad celebrations took place on the field, ironically besides #WIchamps another word  became the trending topic #Gangnam.

Never before in the world of cricket and I doubt any sports, did the post match celebrations exubed so much inhibited entertainment. To some the post match celebrations were more entertaining then the match itself thanks to the extempore dacing performance of WI team esp one Mr Chris Gyale, who stuck to his words and danced like a Naked baby in a china shop - Infact his Gangnam imitation was by far his best performance, in the entire match.

The Jamboree witnessed at Comombo yesterday, even left the home crowd awestuck, and to some the free Gangnam show, by the relieved West Indies team, kind of abated the disappointment of loosing badly. For a neutral, the game and the ending, could not have been better. The match had all the masala, deservingly fitting for a T20 finale. The match started with the aggressive bowling and fielding by the home team, ebbed by the full home crowd. Gayle, who tweeted a day before that WI would win convinsingly, failed to perform and ironically batted too slow to ultimately perish to the guile of Mendis. Suddenly Windies lost quick wickets and were precariously places at 48-4 in 12 overs. At that moment guile was winning over strength, hands down.

But 1 Mr Samuels, had other plans. He showed his brutual strength and exploded it against the world`s best T20 bowler, slinga the malinga . In the process he hit two of the most towering sixes of the tournament and inflicted the worst bowling performance on a champion bowler like Malinga. The total though was not too big and Sri Lanka had a guile of Mahela and Sanga to chase it down.

But the day belong to West Indies and it was in destiny for them to win, as everything fell in place and in the end they crused to victory. Whatever followed is something a cricket fan won't forget too soon. In the end the Strength of West Indies ruled, which was further vindicated (juxtaposed) by Gayle`s one hand escoteric push ups.

As far as  Indian cricket fan is concerned, he could not have asked for more, but only wished secretly that the Gangnam style existed a year early.

PS- Would have been some sight to see men in blue dancing to the Gangnam style at Wankhede